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About Us

Translation Center is a renowned provider of Arabic translation services in the Gulf region, translating to and from Arabic and English.
We offer specific Arabic services to ensure that the intended audience receives a clear and tailored message.
Our translators’ significant experience ensures efficiency and accuracy as they work across five continents.




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Legal translation

Legal translations involve sensitive content that significantly impact the fate of the lawsuit or the life of the individuals involved.


We provide interpreting services around the world. Regardless of the type of event, we can offer immediate assistance.

Medical Translation

Medical Translation Medicine is a highly specialized industry, one of the most complex and demanding in humanitarian efforts.

Legal Translation

Legal translation demands a skilled translator who is conversant with the subject matter of the text, has thorough command of the legal languages

What Does “Legal Translation” Actually Mean?

A legal translation is, in its most fundamental sense, the process of taking a legal text written in one language and producing a legal text written in another language.

Importance Of Legal Translationv

Legal Translation is one of the most important areas of specialized translation. It involves translating legal texts from one legal system into another.

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